Accessing Roles

From the file system

Ansible Container provides the ability to add local roles to the Conductor container, and make them available to the build process, by using the --roles-path option.

For example, if roles are locally installed in /etc/ansible/roles, the following will make the roles available inside the Conductor container:

$ ansible-container build --roles-path /etc/ansible/roles

In container.yml, refer to roles by name. For example, if the role apache is installed in /etc/ansible/roles locally, then the following will execute the role during build:

version: ‘2’ services:

roles: - apache

From Galaxy and version control

Ansible Container will automatically install roles included in the requirements.yml file found in the root of your project directory. If you are unfamiliar with requirements.yml, see Installing Multiple Roles From a File.

Roles are installed to /etc/ansible/roles on the Conductor container. To run an installed role, simply reference it by name in container.yml.