hpilo_facts - Gather facts through an HP iLO interface

New in version 2.3.


  • This module gathers facts for a specific system using its HP iLO interface. These facts include hardware and network related information useful for provisioning (e.g. macaddress, uuid).
  • This module requires the hpilo python module.


parameter required default choices comments
The HP iLO hostname/address that is linked to the physical system.
no Administrator
The login name to authenticate to the HP iLO interface.
no admin
The password to authenticate to the HP iLO interface.


# Task to gather facts from a HP iLO interface only if the system is an HP server
- hpilo_facts:
    login: YOUR_ILO_LOGIN
    password: YOUR_ILO_PASSWORD
  when: cmdb_hwmodel.startswith('HP ')
  delegate_to: localhost

- fail:
    msg: 'CMDB serial ({{ cmdb_serialno }}) does not match hardware serial ({{ hw_system_serial }}) !'
  when: cmdb_serialno != hw_system_serial

Return Values

Common return values are documented here Return Values, the following are the fields unique to this module:

name description returned type sample
hw_bios_version BIOS version always string P68
hw_product_name Product name always string ProLiant DL360 G7
hw_bios_date BIOS date always string 05/05/2011
hw_ethX Interface information (for each interface) always dictionary of information (macaddress) [{'macaddress': '00:11:22:33:44:55', 'macaddress_dash': '00-11-22-33-44-55'}]
hw_system_serial System serial number always string ABC12345D6
hw_eth_ilo Interface information (for the iLO network interface) always dictionary of information (macaddress) [{'macaddress': '00:11:22:33:44:BA'}, {'macaddress_dash': '00-11-22-33-44-BA'}]
hw_uuid Hardware UUID always string 123456ABC78901D2
hw_product_uuid Product UUID always string ef50bac8-2845-40ff-81d9-675315501dac



  • This module ought to be run from a system that can access the HP iLO interface directly, either by using local_action or using delegate_to.


This module is flagged as preview which means that it is not guaranteed to have a backwards compatible interface.


This module is community maintained without core committer oversight.

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