slurp - Slurps a file from remote nodes


  • This module works like fetch. It is used for fetching a base64- encoded blob containing the data in a remote file.
  • This module is also supported for Windows targets.


parameter required default choices comments
The file on the remote system to fetch. This must be a file, not a directory.


- name: Find out what the remote machine's mounts are
    src: /proc/mounts
  register: mounts

- debug:
    msg: "{{ mounts['content'] | b64decode }}"

# From the commandline, find the pid of the remote machine's sshd
# $ ansible host -m slurp -a 'src=/var/run/'
# host | SUCCESS => {
#     "changed": false,
#     "content": "MjE3OQo=",
#     "encoding": "base64",
#     "source": "/var/run/"
# }
# $ echo MjE3OQo= | base64 -d
# 2179



  • This module returns an ‘in memory’ base64 encoded version of the file, take into account that this will require at least twice the RAM as the original file size.
  • This module is also supported for Windows targets.
  • See also: fetch


This module is flagged as stableinterface which means that the maintainers for this module guarantee that no backward incompatible interface changes will be made.

Maintenance Info

For more information about Red Hat’s this support of this module, please refer to this knowledge base article<>

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