win_dns_client - Configures DNS lookup on Windows hosts

New in version 2.3.


  • The win_dns_client module configures the DNS client on Windows network adapters.


parameter required default choices comments
Adapter name or list of adapter names for which to manage DNS settings ('*' is supported as a wildcard value). The adapter name used is the connection caption in the Network Control Panel or via Get-NetAdapter, eg Local Area Connection.
Single or ordered list of DNS server IPv4 addresses to configure for lookup. An empty list will configure the adapter to use the DHCP-assigned values on connections where DHCP is enabled, or disable DNS lookup on statically-configured connections.


# set a single address on the adapter named Ethernet
- win_dns_client:
    adapter_names: Ethernet

# set multiple lookup addresses on all visible adapters (usually physical adapters that are in the Up state), with debug logging to a file
- win_dns_client:
    adapter_names: "*"
    log_path: c:\dns_log.txt

# configure all adapters whose names begin with Ethernet to use DHCP-assigned DNS values
- win_dns_client:
    adapter_names: "Ethernet*"
    ipv4_addresses: []



  • When setting an empty list of DNS server addresses on an adapter with DHCP enabled, a change will always be registered, since it is not possible to detect the difference between a DHCP-sourced server value and one that is statically set.


This module is flagged as preview which means that it is not guaranteed to have a backwards compatible interface.

Maintenance Info

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