zpool_facts - Gather facts about ZFS pools.

New in version 2.3.


  • Gather facts from ZFS pool properties.


parameter required default choices comments
ZFS pool name.

aliases: pool, zpool
  • yes
  • no
Specifies if property values should be displayed in machine friendly format.
no all
Specifies which dataset properties should be queried in comma-separated format. For more information about dataset properties, check zpool(1M) man page.

aliases: props


# Gather facts about ZFS pool rpool
zpool_facts: pool=rpool

# Gather space usage about all imported ZFS pools
zpool_facts: properties='free,size'
debug: msg='ZFS pool {{ }} has {{ }} free space out of {{ item.size }}.'
with_items: '{{ ansible_zfs_pools }}'

Return Values

Common return values are documented here Return Values, the following are the fields unique to this module:

name description returned type sample
parsable if parsable output should be provided in machine friendly format. if 'parsable' is set to True boolean True
zfs_pools ZFS pool facts always string {'comment': '-', 'freeing': '0', 'listsnapshots': 'off', 'leaked': '0', [email protected]': 'enabled', 'delegation': 'on', 'dedupditto': '0', 'dedupratio': '1.00x', 'autoexpand': 'off', [email protected]': 'enabled', 'allocated': '3.46G', 'guid': '15729052870819522408', [email protected]_blocks': 'enabled', [email protected]_compress': 'active', [email protected]_txg': 'active', 'autoreplace': 'off', 'capacity': '6%', [email protected]_vdev_crash_dump': 'enabled', [email protected]_dataset': 'enabled', 'cachefile': '-', 'bootfs': 'rpool/ROOT/openindiana', [email protected]_birth': 'active', 'readonly': 'off', 'version': '-', 'health': 'ONLINE', 'expandsize': '-', [email protected]_data': 'active', 'size': '49.8G', [email protected]_destroy': 'enabled', [email protected]': 'enabled', [email protected]_bpobj': 'active', [email protected]_histogram': 'active', 'free': '46.3G', 'failmode': 'wait', [email protected]_limits': 'enabled', [email protected]': 'enabled', 'altroot': '-', 'fragmentation': '3%', 'name': 'rpool'}
name ZFS pool name always string rpool


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