Welcome to ansible-container!

Ansible Container provides an Ansible-centric workflow for building, running, testing, and deploying containers.

Ansible Container enables you to build container images and orchestrate them using only Ansible playbooks. Describe your application in a single YAML file and, rather than using a Dockerfile, list Ansible roles that make up your container images. Ansible Container will take it from there.

With Ansible Container, you no longer have to build and configure containers differently than you do traditional virtual machines or bare-metal systems. You can now apply the power of Ansible and re-use your existing Ansible content for your containerized ecosystem. Use templates, copy files, drop in encrypted data, handle errors, add conditionals, and more. Everything Ansible brings to orchestrating your infrastructure can now be applied to the image build process.

But Ansible Container does not stop there. Use Ansible Container to run the application, and push images to private and public registries. When you are ready to deploy to the cloud, use it to generate an Ansible playbook that automates the deployment.