The ansible-container run command launches the container orchestrator and runs the built containers with the configuration found in container.yml. For docker deploys, this is roughly analogous to docker-compose run.


By default, any dev_overrides specified in container.yml will be used and included in the orchestration playbook. Use this flag to ignore dev_overrides, and run containers using the production configuration.


Remove containers for services not defined in container.yml.

--roles-path ROLES_PATH [ROLES_PATH ...]

If using roles not found in the roles directory within the project, use this option to specify one or more local paths containing the roles. The specified path(s) will be mounted to the conductor container, making the roles available to the build process.

-vault-file VAULT_FILES [VAULT_FILES ...]

Path to a vault file that will be used to populate secrets.

--vault-password-file VAULT_PASSWORD_FILE

An optional file containing the vault password in plain text.

--with-variables WITH_VARIABLES [WITH_VARIABLES ...]

Define one or more environment variables in the Conductor container. Format each variable as a key=value string.

--with-volumes WITH_VOLUMES [WITH_VOLUMES ...]

Mount one or more volumes to the Conductor container. Specify volumes as strings using the Docker volume format.