Roadmap for release 0.2.0

Target delivery: early October 2016

  • Build Cache (Jag @j00bar) - One of the niceties of Dockerfile is that Docker Engine re-uses cached layers to accelerate rebuilds. We should be able to create

    something similar using a custom Ansible execution strategy.

    • Build and test new execution strategy
    • Add CLI option to enable the new strategy in the build command
    • Tracked on issue #143.
  • Refactor shipit (House @chouseknecht)

    • Help the OpenShift team complete the new OpenShift/K8s modules for Ansible
    • Submit new modules to Ansible core
    • Refactor Shipit command to use the new modules
    • Tracked on issue #152.
  • Better SELinux Integration (Dusty @dustymabe)

    • Make it easy for users to execute ansible-container build in an SELinux environment.
    • Tracked on issue #168.
  • Naming and tagging images (?)

    • Create a mechanism that allows users to set image names and tag images into repositories. Currently image names are controlled exclusively by Ansible Container.
    • Tracked on issue #125.
  • Support detached run, stop, and restart (Shubham @containscafeine)

    • Add –detached option to the run command.
    • Add stop and restart commands.
    • Tracked on issue #91.
  • Template rendering in container.yml (House @chouseknecht)

    • Add jinja2 template rendering in the config object
    • Add CLI option for specifying a var file
    • Add examples and docs
    • Tracked on issue #120.
  • Reference guide for container.yml (House @chouseknecht)

    • Provide a reference guide for container.yml
    • Make it easy for users to know what compose directives are supported and how they are interpreted/handled by Ansible Container.
    • Provide a list of unsupported directives
    • Include examples
    • Tracked on issue #108.
  • Custom build variables and volumes (House @chouseknecht)

    • Add –with-volumes option to build command
    • Add –with-variables option to build command
    • Add –save-build-container to build command
    • Tracked on issue #126.