Sample scenario for Ansible platforms

Use this ``rst`` file as a starting point to create a scenario guide for your platform. The sections below are suggestions on what should be in a scenario guide.

Introductory paragraph.


Describe the requirements and assumptions for this scenario. This should include applicable subsections for hardware, software, and any other caveats to using the scenarios in this guide.

Credentials and authenticating

Describe credential requirements and how to authenticate to this platform.

Using dynamic inventory

If applicable, describe how to use a dynamic inventory plugin for this platform.

Example description

Description and code here. Change the section header to something descriptive about this example, such as “Renaming a virtual machine”. The goal is that this is the text someone would search for to find your example.

Example output

What the user should expect to see.


What to look for if it breaks.

Conclusion and where to go next

Recap of important points. For more information please see: links.