How to configure the vmware_rest collection


The vcenter_rest modules need to be authenticated. There are two different

Environment variables


This solution requires that you call the modules from the local machine.

You need to export some environment variables in your shell before you call the modules.

$ export VMWARE_HOST=vcenter.test
$ export VMWARE_USER=myvcenter-user
$ export VMWARE_password=mypassword
$ ansible-playbook my-playbook.yaml

Module parameters

All the vcenter_rest modules accept the following arguments:

  • vcenter_hostname

  • vcenter_username

  • vcenter_password

Ignore SSL certificate error

It’s common to run a test environment without a proper SSL certificate configuration.

To ignore the SSL error, you can use the vcenter_validate_certs: no argument or export VMWARE_VALIDATE_CERTS=no to set the environment variable.