virt_net - Manage libvirt network configuration

New in version 2.0.


  • Manage libvirt networks.

Requirements (on host that executes module)

  • python >= 2.6
  • python-libvirt
  • python-lxml


parameter required default choices comments
  • yes
  • no
Specify if a given storage pool should be started automatically on system boot.
  • define
  • create
  • start
  • stop
  • destroy
  • undefine
  • get_xml
  • list_nets
  • facts
  • info
  • status
  • modify
in addition to state management, various non-idempotent commands are available. See examples. Modify was added in version 2.1
name of the network being managed. Note that network must be previously defined with xml.

aliases: network
  • active
  • inactive
  • present
  • absent
specify which state you want a network to be in. If 'active', network will be started. If 'present', ensure that network is present but do not change its state; if it's missing, you need to specify xml argument. If 'inactive', network will be stopped. If 'undefined' or 'absent', network will be removed from libvirt configuration.
no qemu:///system
libvirt connection uri.
XML document used with the define command.


# Define a new network
- virt_net:
    command: define
    name: br_nat
    xml: '{{ lookup("template", "network/bridge.xml.j2") }}'

# Start a network
- virt_net:
    command: create
    name: br_nat

# List available networks
- virt_net:
    command: list_nets

# Get XML data of a specified network
- virt_net:
    command: get_xml
    name: br_nat

# Stop a network
- virt_net:
    command: destroy
    name: br_nat

# Undefine a network
- virt_net:
    command: undefine
    name: br_nat

# Gather facts about networks
# Facts will be available as 'ansible_libvirt_networks'
- virt_net:
    command: facts

# Gather information about network managed by 'libvirt' remotely using uri
- virt_net:
    command: info
    uri: '{{ item }}'
  with_items: '{{ libvirt_uris }}'
  register: networks

# Ensure that a network is active (needs to be defined and built first)
- virt_net:
    state: active
    name: br_nat

# Ensure that a network is inactive
- virt_net:
    state: inactive
    name: br_nat

# Ensure that a given network will be started at boot
- virt_net:
    autostart: yes
    name: br_nat

# Disable autostart for a given network
- virt_net:
    autostart: no
    name: br_nat


This module is flagged as preview which means that it is not guaranteed to have a backwards compatible interface.

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