Ansible 2.6 Porting Guide

This section discusses the behavioral changes between Ansible 2.5 and Ansible 2.6.

It is intended to assist in updating your playbooks, plugins and other parts of your Ansible infrastructure so they will work with this version of Ansible.

We suggest you read this page along with Ansible Changelog to understand what updates you may need to make.

This document is part of a collection on porting. The complete list of porting guides can be found at porting guides.


No notable changes.


  • In the nxos_igmp_interface module, oif_prefix and oif_source properties are deprecated. Use ois_ps parameter with a dictionary of prefix and source to values instead.


Major changes in popular modules are detailed here

Modules removed

The following modules no longer exist:

Deprecation notices

The following modules will be removed in Ansible 2.10. Please update your playbooks accordingly.

Noteworthy module changes

  • The upgrade module option for win_chocolatey has been removed; use state: latest instead.

  • The reboot module option for win_feature has been removed; use the win_reboot action plugin instead

  • The win_iis_webapppool module no longer accepts a string for the atributes module option; use the free form dictionary value instead

  • The name module option for win_package has been removed; this is not used anywhere and should just be removed from your playbooks

  • The win_regedit module no longer automatically corrects the hive path HCCC to HKCC; use HKCC because this is the correct hive path

  • The file - Sets attributes of files now emits a deprecation warning when src is specified with a state other than hard or link as it is only supposed to be useful with those. This could have an effect on people who were depending on a buggy interaction between src and other state’s to place files into a subdirectory. For instance:

    $ ansible localhost -m file -a 'path=/var/lib src=/tmp/ state=directory'

    Would create a directory named /tmp/lib. Instead of the above, simply spell out the entire destination path like this:

    $ ansible localhost -m file -a 'path=/tmp/lib state=directory'


No notable changes.

Porting custom scripts

No notable changes.


No notable changes.