8. tower-cli

tower-cli is a command line tool for Ansible Tower. It allows Tower commands to be easily run from the UNIX command line. It can also be used as a client library for other python apps, or as a reference for others developing API interactions with Tower’s REST API.

8.1. Capabilities

tower-cli sends commands to the Tower API. It is capable of retrieving, creating, modifying, and deleting most objects within Tower.

A few potential uses include:

  • Launching playbook runs (for instance, from Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, etc)
  • Checking on job statuses
  • Rapidly creating objects like organizations, users, teams, and more

8.2. Installation

tower-cli is available as a package on PyPI

The preferred way to install is through pip:

$ pip install ansible-tower-cli

The main branch of this project may also be consumed directly from source.

For more information on tower-cli, refer to the project page at: