2. リリースノート

以下の一覧は、Ansible Tower 3.6.2 に対する追加、変更および修正の概要を示しています。

2.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.6.2

  • Added a command to generate a new SECRET_KEY and rekey the database

  • Removed the guest user from the optionally-configured RabbitMQ admin interface (CVE-2019-19340)

  • Fixed slow queries for /api/v2/instances and /api/v2/instance_groups when smart inventories are used

  • Fixed assorted issues with preserving permissions in the Ansible Tower backup playbook (CVE-2019-19341)

  • Fixed a partial password disclosure when special characters existed in the RabbitMQ password (CVE-2019-19342)

  • Fixed hang in error handling for source control checkouts

  • Fixed an error on subsequent job runs that override the branch of a project on an instance that did not have a prior project checkout

  • Fixed an issue where supervisord would not shut down correctly

  • Fixed an issue where jobs launched in isolated or container groups would incorrectly timeout

  • Fixed link to instance groups documentation in the user interface

  • Fixed retrieval of Red Hat subscription data when running in OpenShift

  • Fixed editing of inventory on Workflow templates

  • Fixed multiple issues with OAuth2 token cleanup system jobs

  • Fixed custom email notifications for workflow approve and deny

  • Updated SAML implementation to automatically log if authorization exists

  • Updated AngularJS to 1.7.9 for CVE-2019-10768

  • Updated installer to not install PostgreSQL server on all nodes

  • Updated bundled installer to contain both Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 builds

旧版のリリースノートおよびその他の参照資料については、『Ansible Tower Release Notes』を参照してください。