1. Release Notes for Ansible Tower Version 3.8.2

1.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.8.2

  • Upgraded to the latest oVirt inventory plugin to resolve a number of inventory syncing issues that can occur on RHEL7

  • Upgraded to the latest theforeman.foreman inventory plugin to resolve a few bugs and performance regressions

  • Upgraded to a more recent version of Django to address CVE-2021-3281

  • Upgraded to a more recent version of autobahn to address CVE-2020-35678

  • Fixed a security issue that allowed a malicious playbook author to elevate to the awx user from outside the isolated environment (CVE-2021-20253)

  • Fixed several issues related to how Tower rotates its log files

  • Fixed the installer to no longer prevent Tower from installing on RHEL8 with certain non-en_US.UTF-8 locales

  • Fixed unanticipated delays in certain playbook output

  • Fixed job runs to no longer fail for playbooks that print certain types of raw binary data

  • Fixed the generation of unnecessary records in the Activity Stream when Ansible Automation data is collected

  • Fixed PostgreSQL backups to no longer fail when a non-default PostgreSQL username is specified

  • Fixed access to encrypted Tower settings to prevent intermittent failures that caused failed job launches

  • Fixed unexpected failures on certain long-running jobs running on isolated nodes

  • Deprecated the global /api/v2/job_events/ endpoint, which will be removed in a future release