2. 发行注记

以下列表总结了 Ansible Tower v3.8.3 中新增加的功能、变化和修改。

2.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.8.3

Fixes in Ansible Tower:

  • Analytics collection no longer cause lost job events when Tower is under load

  • Analytics collection now handles null characters in job event output

  • Pending jobs in /api/v2/metrics show correct counts

  • Project updates are no longer delayed when projects contain large files

  • Status for hosts are properly counted in notification payloads

  • SAML organization creation now properly assigns a default Galaxy credential

  • SAML configuration now properly denotes required SAML contact fields

  • Fixed a race condition in settings updates that previously lead to incorrect behavior

  • Log messages are updated to be more clear when rsyslog is unresponsive

Fixes in the platform installer:

  • Updated to include Ansible 2.9.20

  • Updated to use a PostgreSQL secret when deploying in OpenShift

  • Updated to remove RabbitMQ on upgrade only on Tower nodes

Fixes in the ansible.tower collection:

  • The tower_user module now updates the system auditor and superuser flags

  • The workflow_launch and job_launch modules now properly send survey-only variables

  • A number of defaults corrected to no longer set to an empty string

  • Updated the project module to support spawning project updates

  • Fixed job_template and worfklow_job_template to properly error on incorrect survey formats

  • Enhanced job_template and workflow_job_template to use identical survey_spec arguments

  • Updated inventory plugin to properly add child groups

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