2. Release Notes

The following list summarizes the additions, changes, and modifications which were made to Ansible Tower 3.4.2.

2.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.4.2

  • Added a number of notable improvements to translations
  • Fixed the Notifications tab to properly appear when viewing a Job Template
  • Fixed the total host count to be correct when viewing job output
  • Fixed the awx_workflow_job_name extra variable to be correct for jobs launched via nested workflows
  • Fixed scheduled jobs to no longer run twice in clustered Tower installations
  • Fixed the display of playbooks that utilize Ansible’s serial keyword
  • Fixed instance group assignments to restore correctly after Tower is backed up and restored
  • Fixed a number of workflow builder user interface issues
  • Fixed the Job Template credential selection to display all available options when large numbers of Credential Types are in use
  • Fixed the stdout display to no longer delay when Smart Inventories are in use
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ansible to upgrade when Tower is updated with -e upgrade_ansible_with_tower=1
  • Fixed the installer to properly upgrade Tower dependencies on upgrade
  • Fixed a performance issue in Ansible Tower 3.4.0 which caused a notable delay in job start time for large inventories (>1000 hosts).
  • Fixed Tower logs to now properly record failed logins
  • Updated settings.SCHEDULE_MAX_JOBS so that it also limits workflow Job Templates

For older version of the release notes, as well as other reference materials, refer to the Ansible Tower Release Notes.