1. Quick Start

Welcome to the Ansible Tower Quick Start Guide. At the end of the Quick Start, you will have a functioning Tower application that you can use to launch more sophisticated playbooks. You can expect the Quick Start process to take less than thirty minutes.

To begin, you must install Tower and you must choose a target system where an initial playbook can be deployed (provided by Ansible Tower). This first playbook executes simple Ansible tasks, while teaching you how to use Tower, as well as ensuring its proper setup. This can be any sort of system manageable by Ansible, as described at:


Ansible Tower is available in several license types: Self-Support, Enterprise: Standard, and Enterprise: Premium. These licenses vary in price, support-levels, and features. Enterprise: Standard and Enterprise: Premium license users will have access to some extended Tower features that Self-Support users will not have available. For more information about licenses and features, refer to Licensing, Updates, and Support in the Tower Installation and Reference Guide.

This Quick Start Guide covers setting up with a Self-Support level license in mind. Features only available to Enterprise: Standard or Enterprise: Premium license users are noted as you go along.