1. Release Notes for Ansible Tower Version 3.5.1

1.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.5.1

  • Added rsync requirement to the ansible-tower-isolated package
  • Fixed the recent notifications list to display properly
  • Fixed handling of quotes in the task name in job output display
  • Fixed slow event processing when using smart inventories
  • Fixed slow startup time of the dispatcher in the presence of many schedules
  • Fixed GCE inventory to not import hosts as disabled due to GCE API change
  • Fixed dashboard error when user is in multiple organizations but no teams
  • Fixed license error when attempting to apply a basic license
  • Fixed LDAP upgrade failure from 3.3.x
  • Fixed handling of the OPT_X_TLS_CACERTFILE LDAP option
  • Fixed analytics gathering to not throw spurious errors
  • Fixed analytics gathering to properly remove processed analytics
  • Updated urllib3 for CVE-2019-9740
  • Updated ansible for CVE-2019-10156