1. Release Notes for Ansible Tower Version 3.7.2

1.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.7.2

  • Added local caching for downloaded roles and collections so they are not re-downloaded on nodes where they are up to date with the project

  • Deprecated PRIMARY_GALAXY_USERNAME and PRIMARY_GALAXY_PASSWORD. We recommend using tokens to access Galaxy or Automation Hub.

  • Fixed Tower Server Side Request Forgery on Credentials (CVE-2020-14327)

  • Fixed Tower Server Side Request Forgery on Webhooks (CVE-2020-14328)

  • Fixed Tower sensitive data exposure on labels (CVE-2020-14329)

  • Fixed Named URLs to allow for testing the presence or absence of objects (CVE-2020-14337)

  • Fixed Tower’s task scheduler to no longer deadlock for clustered installations with large numbers of nodes

  • Fixed the Credential Type definitions to no longer allow superusers to run unsafe Python code

  • Fixed credential lookups from CyberArk AIM to no longer fail unexpectedly

  • Fixed upgrades from 3.5 to 3.6 on RHEL8 in order for PostgreSQL client libraries to be upgraded on Tower nodes, which fixes the backup/restore function

  • Fixed backup/restore for PostgreSQL usernames that include capital letters

  • Fixed manually added host variables to no longer be removed on VMWare vCenter inventory syncs

  • Fixed Red Hat Satellite inventory syncs to allow Tower to properly respect the verify_ssl flag