1. Release Notes for Ansible Tower Version 3.8.5

1.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.8.5

Fixes in Ansible Tower:

  • Updated nginx to 1.16 on RHEL 8 (fixes CVE-2021-23017)

  • Workflow jobs no longer stuck in pending when there is plenty of capacity

  • An approval node may now be added to a previously deleted node

  • Upgrading no longer fails when the Tower inventory source has custom inventory scripts and a schedule

  • Missing Ansible Galaxy Credential no longer causes SAML Login Error

  • Upgraded Ansible to version 2.9.27

  • Modified database backup and restore logic to compress dump data to prevent consumption of temporary disk space by a temporary file in the backup/restore processes

Fixes in Ansible Platform 1.2.6:

  • Providing custom secret key is now allowed when running rekey.yml

Fixes in Ansible Automation Hub 4.2.7:

  • Collection sync can now use proxies with authentication

  • Proxy errors no longer leak the proxy password

  • The “download tarball” link now correctly downloads the currently selected collection version, rather than the most recent