Blacklisting modulesΒΆ

If you want to avoid using certain modules, you can blacklist them to prevent Ansible from loading them. To blacklist plugins, create a yaml configuration file. The default location for this file is /etc/ansible/plugin_filters.yml, or you can select a different path for the blacklist file using the PLUGIN_FILTERS_CFG setting in the defaults section of your ansible.cfg. Here is an example blacklist file:

filter_version: '1.0'
  # Deprecated
  - docker
  # We only allow pip, not easy_install
  - easy_install

The file contains two fields:

  • A file version so that you can update the format while keeping backwards compatibility in the future. The present version should be the string, "1.0"

  • A list of modules to blacklist. Any module in this list will not be loaded by Ansible when it searches for a module to invoke for a task.


You cannot blacklist the stat module, as it is required for Ansible to run.