Sanity Tests

Sanity tests are made up of scripts and tools used to perform static code analysis. The primary purpose of these tests is to enforce Ansible coding standards and requirements.

Tests are run with ansible-test sanity. All available tests are run unless the --test option is used.

How to run

source hacking/env-setup

# Run all sanity tests
ansible-test sanity

# Run all sanity tests against against certain files
ansible-test sanity lib/ansible/modules/files/

# Run all tests inside docker (good if you don't have dependencies installed)
ansible-test sanity --docker default

# Run validate-modules against a specific file
ansible-test sanity --test validate-modules lib/ansible/modules/files/

Available Tests

Tests can be listed with ansible-test sanity --list-tests.

See the full list of sanity tests, which details the various tests and details how to fix identified issues.