Code of Conduct

Please read and understand the Community Code of Conduct.

Mailing list information

Ansible has several mailing lists. Your first post to the mailing list will be moderated (to reduce spam), so please allow up to a day or so for your first post to appear.

  • Ansible Announce list is a read-only list that shares information about new releases of Ansible, and also rare infrequent event information, such as announcements about an upcoming AnsibleFest, which is our official conference series. Worth subscribing to!

  • Ansible AWX List is for Ansible AWX

  • Ansible Development List is for learning how to develop on Ansible, asking about prospective feature design, or discussions about extending ansible or features in progress.

  • Ansible Lockdown List is for all things related to Ansible Lockdown projects, including DISA STIG automation and CIS Benchmarks.

  • Ansible Outreach List help with promoting Ansible and Ansible Meetups

  • Ansible Project List is for sharing Ansible tips, answering questions, and general user discussion.

  • Molecule Discussions is designed to aid with the development and testing of Ansible roles with Molecule.

To subscribe to a group from a non-Google account, you can send an email to the subscription address requesting the subscription. For example:

IRC channels

Ansible has several IRC channels on

Our IRC channels may require you to register your nickname. If you receive an error when you connect, see’s Nickname Registration guide for instructions.

To find all ansible specific channels on the network, use the following command in your IRC client:

/msg alis LIST #ansible* -min 5

as described in the docs.

General channels

  • #ansible - For general use questions and support.

  • #ansible-devel - For discussions on developer topics and code related to features or bugs.

  • #ansible-meeting - For public community meetings. We will generally announce these on one or more of the above mailing lists. See the meeting schedule and agenda page

Working groups

Many of our community Working Groups meet on IRC channels. If you want to get involved in a working group, join the channel where it meets or comment on the agenda.

Want to form a new Working Group?

Regional and Language-specific channels

  • #ansible-es - Channel for Spanish speaking Ansible community.

  • #ansibleu - Channel for the European Ansible Community.

  • #ansible-fr - Channel for French speaking Ansible community.

  • #ansiblezh - Channel for Zurich/Swiss Ansible community.

IRC meetings

The Ansible community holds regular IRC meetings on various topics, and anyone who is interested is invited to participate. For more information about Ansible meetings, consult the meeting schedule and agenda page.

Ansible Automation Platform support questions

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a subscription that contains support, certified content, and tooling for Ansible including content management, a controller, UI and REST API.

If you have a question about Ansible Automation Platform, visit Red Hat support rather than using the IRC channel or the general project mailing list.