smartos_image_info – Get SmartOS image details


  • Retrieve information about all installed images on SmartOS.

  • This module was called smartos_image_facts before Ansible 2.9, returning ansible_facts. Note that the smartos_image_info module no longer returns ansible_facts!

Aliases: smartos_image_facts


Parameter Choices/Defaults Comments
Criteria for selecting image. Can be any value from image manifest and 'published_date', 'published', 'source', 'clones', and 'size'. More information can be found at under 'imgadm list'.


# Return information about all installed images.
- smartos_image_info:
  register: result

# Return all private active Linux images.
- smartos_image_info: filters="os=linux state=active public=false"
  register: result

# Show, how many clones does every image have.
- smartos_image_info:
  register: result

- debug: msg="{{ result.smartos_images[item]['name'] }}-{{ result.smartos_images[item]['version'] }}
            has {{ result.smartos_images[item]['clones'] }} VM(s)"
  with_items: "{{ result.smartos_images.keys() | list }}"

# When the module is called as smartos_image_facts, return values are published
# in ansible_facts['smartos_images'] and can be used as follows.
# Note that this is deprecated and will stop working in Ansible 2.13.
- debug: msg="{{ smartos_images[item]['name'] }}-{{ smartos_images[item]['version'] }}
            has {{ smartos_images[item]['clones'] }} VM(s)"
  with_items: "{{ smartos_images.keys() | list }}"



  • Adam Števko (@xen0l)


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