Collection version 1.0.0

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the collection:


  • gc_storage – This module manages objects/buckets in Google Cloud Storage.

  • gce_eip – Create or Destroy Global or Regional External IP addresses.

  • gce_img – utilize GCE image resources

  • gce_instance_template – create or destroy instance templates of Compute Engine of GCP.

  • gce_labels – Create, Update or Destroy GCE Labels.

  • gce_lb – create/destroy GCE load-balancer resources

  • gce_mig – Create, Update or Destroy a Managed Instance Group (MIG).

  • gce_net – create/destroy GCE networks and firewall rules

  • gce_pd – utilize GCE persistent disk resources

  • gce_snapshot – Create or destroy snapshots for GCE storage volumes

  • gce_tag – add or remove tag(s) to/from GCE instances

  • gcpubsub – Create and Delete Topics/Subscriptions, Publish and pull messages on PubSub

  • gcpubsub_info – List Topics/Subscriptions and Messages from Google PubSub.

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