1. Release Notes for Automation Controller Version 4.1.2

Automation Controller fixes:

  • Upgraded Django version to 3.2 LTS

  • System (management) jobs are now able to be canceled

  • Rsyslog no longer needs manual intervention to send out logs after hitting a 40x error

  • Credential lookup plugins now respect the AWX_TASK_ENV setting

  • Fixed the controller to list valid subscriptions from Satellite when having multiple quantities from the same SKU

  • Updated Receptor version to 1.2.1, which includes several fixes

Execution Environment fixes:

  • The host trusted cert store is now exposed to execution environments by default. See Isolation functionality and variables for detail.

  • Mounting the /etc/ssh or /etc/ to isolated jobs now works in podman

  • User customization of execution environment mount options and mount paths are now supported

  • Fixed SELinux context on /var/lib/awx/.local/share/containers and ensure awx as podman storage

  • Fixed failures to no longer occur when the semanage fcontext has been already set for the expected directory

Automation Controller UI fixes:

  • Fixed the ability to create manual projects in Japanese and other suppported non-English languages

  • Fixed the controller UI to list the roles for organizations when using non-English web browsers

  • Fixed the job output to display all job type events, including source control update events over websockets

  • Fixed the TypeError when running a command on a host in a smart inventory

  • Fixed the encrypted password in surveys to no longer show up as plaintext in the Edit Order page

Installation fixes specific to Automation Controller:

  • Fixed duplicate Galaxy credentials with no default organization

  • Running the ./ -b out of the installer directory no longer fails to load group vars

  • The installer no longer fails when IPV6 is disabled

  • Fixed unnecessary become_user:root entries in the installation

  • Modified database backup and restore logic to compress dump data

  • Creating default execution environments no longer fails when password has special characters

  • Fixed installations of execution environments when installing without internet access

  • Upgrading to AAP 2.1 no longer breaks when the Django superuser is missing

  • Rekey now allowed with existing key