11. Create a new Job Template

A job template combines an Ansible playbook from a project and the settings required to launch it. Review existing job templates by clicking Templates from the left navigation bar.

Job templates - home

For the purpose of this Quick Start, a Demo Job Template has been created for your initial use.

Click Demo Job Template to view its details.

Job templates - review demo template

For the purpose of this Quick Start Guide, leave the default demo job template as is. But to edit the default template later - from the Details tab, click Edit, or from the Templates list view, click the Edit (edit) button next to the template name to edit the appropriate details, then save your changes.

Job templates - edit demo

Click Cancel (if no changes were made) or use the breadcrumb navigational links at the top of the automation controller browser to return to the Templates list view. Clicking Save does not exit the Details dialog.