Output Formatting

By default, awx prints valid JSON for successful commands. The -f (or --conf.format) global flag can be used to specify alternative output formats.

YAML Formatting

To print results in YAML, specify -f yaml:

awx jobs list -f yaml

Human-Readable (Tabular) Formatting

awx also provides support for printing results in a human-readable ASCII table format:

awx jobs list -f human
awx jobs list -f human --filter name,created,status
awx jobs list -f human --filter *

Custom Formatting with jq

awx provides optional support for filtering results using the jq JSON processor, but it requires an additional Python software dependency, jq.

To use -f jq, you must install the optional dependency via pip install jq. Note that some platforms may require additional programs to build jq from source (like libtool). See for instructions.

awx jobs list \
    -f jq --filter '.results[] | .name + " is " + .status'

For details on jq filtering usage, see the jq manual at

Colorized Output

By default, awx prints colorized output using ANSI color codes. To disable this functionality, specify --conf.color f or set the environment variable CONTROLLER_COLOR=f.