1. Release Notes for Automation Controller Version 4.4

General Fixes

  • Using a license that is missing a “usage” attribute no longer returns a 400 error (AAP-14880)

  • Upgraded python dependencies which include an upgrade from Django 3.2 to 4.2.3, psycopg2 to psycopg3, additional libraries as needed (AAP-12345)

Automation Controller fixes:

  • Fixed Ansible facts to retry saving to hosts if there is a database deadlock (AAP-15021)

  • Updated the server to look for secrets if data exists under the “data” key in the response from HashiCorp Vault Secret Lookup. Otherwise, it looks for these secrets as top-level keys (AAP-14946)

  • Interrupted jobs (like canceled jobs) no longer clear facts from hosts, when the job ran on an execution node (AAP-14878)

  • Applied environment variables from the setting AWX_TASK_ENV when running credential lookup plugins (AAP-14683)

  • Fixed unexpected error with adding a new host while using a license manifest with size 10 (AAP-14675)

  • Fixed the Trial toggle when using a license manifest file (AAP-14675)

  • The Add button on credentials is now accessible for users with correct permissions (AAP-14525)

  • Turned off auto-complete on remaining controller UI forms that were missing that attribute (AAP-14442)

  • Fixed the broken User Guide link in the Edit Subscription Details page (AAP-14375)

  • Added rel="noopener noreferrer" to controller UI links that were missing it (AAP-14345)

  • Adding new labels to a job as a prompt now works as expected (AAP-14204)

  • Added a new setting in the UI exposing the CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGIN settings (AAP-12345) See The CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGIN setting for detail.