6. Review the Organization

An organization is a logical collection of users, teams, projects, and inventories. It is the highest level object in the controller object hierarchy.

From the left navigation bar, click Organizations.


The automation controller creates a default organization automatically. Users of Tower with a Self-support level license only have the default organization available and should not delete it.

Organizations - default view

A default organization has been automatically created and is available to all users of the automation controller. It can be used as is or edited later as needed.

For the purpose of this Quick Start Guide, leave the default organization as is.


If you are using the controller with a Basic subscription, you must use the default organization. Only Enterprise or Premium licenses have the ability to add new organizations beyond the default.

To edit the default organization later, expand its properties by clicking the Edit (edit) button and entering the appropriate details, then save your changes.


Organizations - default expanded

Enterprise and Premium license users who want to add a new organization should refer to the Organizations section in the Automation Controller User Guide.