3. Conventions

Ansible Automation Platform controller uses a standard REST API, rooted at /api/ on the server. The API is versioned for compatibility reasons, and currently api/v2/ is the latest available version. You can see information about what API versions are available by querying /api/.

/api/v1/ has been discontinued as of automation controller version 3.6. Refer to previous versions of the api for details on v1.

You may have to specify the content/type on POST or PUT requests accordingly.

  • PUT: Update a specific resource (by an identifier) or a collection of resources. PUT can also be used to create a specific resource if the resource identifier is known before-hand.

  • POST: Create a new resource. Also acts as a catch-all verb for operations that do not fit into the other categories.

All URIs not ending with "/" receive a 301 redirect.


Automation Controller v4.4 API change: Formatting of extra_vars attached to Job Template records is preserved. Previously, YAML would be converted to JSON and returned as JSON. In 2.2.0 and newer, YAML is returned as YAML with formatting and comments preserved, and JSON is returned as JSON.