11. Controller Logfiles

The controller logfiles have been consolidated and can be easily accessed from two centralized locations:

  • /var/log/tower/

  • /var/log/supervisor/

In the /var/log/tower/ directory, you can view logfiles related to:

  • tower.log: captures many miscellaneous logs, but primarily web request logs.

  • callback_receiver.log: captures callback receiver logs that handles callback events when running ansible jobs.

  • dispatcher.log: captures log messages for the controller dispatcher worker service.

  • rsyslog.err: captures rsyslog errors authenticating with external logging services when sending logs to them.

  • wsrelay.log: captures the communication logs within the websocket relay server.

  • task_system.log: - captures the job-related errors or logs of tasks that the controller is running in the background, such as adding cluster instances and logs related to information gathering/processing for analytics, etc.

  • tower_rbac_migrations.log: captures the logs for rbac database migration or upgrade.

  • job_lifecycle.log: captures details of the job run, whether it is blocked, and what condition is blocking it.

  • rsyslog_configurer.log: captures rsyslog configuration activity associated with authenticating with external logging services.

  • cache_clear.log: captures logs of cleared cache.

  • ws_heartbeat.log: captures the periodic checks on the health of services running on the host.

In the /var/log/supervisor/ directory, you can view logfiles related to:

  • awx-callback-receiver.log: captures the log of callback receiver that handles callback events when running ansible jobs, managed by supervisord.

  • awx-daphne.log: captures the logs of Websocket communication of WebUI.

  • awx-dispatcher.log: captures the logs that occur when dispatching a task to a controller instance, such as when running a job.

  • awx-rsyslog.log: captures the logs for rsyslog service.

  • awx-uwsgi.log: captures the logs related to uWSGI, which is an application server.

  • awx-wsbroadcast.log: captures the logs of websocket service that is used by the controller.

  • failure-event-handler.stderr.log: captures the standard errors for /usr/bin/failure-event-handler supervisord's subprocess.

  • supervisord.log: captures the logs related to supervisord itself.

The /var/log/supervisor/ directory includes stdout files for all services as well.

You can expect the following log paths to be generated by services used by Tower (and the Ansible Automation Platform):

  • /var/log/nginx/

  • /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log/

  • /var/log/redis/

"Mooving around: Consolidated logfiles for easier access!"
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