1. 快速入门

欢迎使用自动化控制器快速启动(Quick Start)指南。在快速启动结束后,您将可以使用一个可运行的控制器应用来启动更复杂的 playbook。预计快速启动过程需要不到 30 分钟。

To begin, you must install Ansible Automation Platform and you must choose a target system where an initial playbook can be deployed (provided by automation controller). Refer to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Installation Guide for further instructions.

This first playbook executes simple Ansible tasks, while teaching you how to use the controller, as well as ensuring its proper setup. This can be any sort of system manageable by Ansible, as described at:


Ansible Automation Platform 基于订阅提供。这些订阅在价格和支持级别上有所不同。有关订阅和功能的更多信息,请参阅 订阅类型