2. Release Notes

The following list summarizes the additions, changes, and modifications which were made to Ansible Tower v3.7.1.

2.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.7.1

  • Updated rsyslog integration to not write world-readable configuration files (CVE-2020-10782)

  • Updated the included foreman/satellite inventory plugin to add the host_filters and want_ansible_ssh_host options

  • Updated Foreman/Satellite inventory to properly use group_prefix for all groups

  • Updated the Satellite inventory script to disable the reports option

  • Updated bundled installer to properly include all dependencies

  • Updated translations

  • Fixed the all_parents_must_converge property of workflow nodes to set properly

  • Fixed labels so organization administrators could remove them from a workflow

  • Fixed Mattermost workflow approval notifications

  • Fixed the notifications for management jobs so administrators could enable it

  • Fixed event processing for inventories with very large numbers of hosts to prevent Tower to slow down

  • Fixed the VMware inventory to properly detect the Instance UUID to no longer cause hosts to be removed and re-added

  • Fixed (reverted) a change to follow symlinks when discovering playbooks, as it could lead to an infinite loop

  • Fixed analytics gathering to not attempt to gather data if there is not a valid configuration for sending it

  • Fixed Tower to no longer break when virtual environments are created with incorrect permissions

  • Fixed the Sumologic logging integration associated with parsing the URL path

  • Fixed incorrectly configured logging so that it would no longer block Tower operation

  • Fix multiple websocket broadcast issues in OpenShift

  • Fixed instance registration in OpenShift

  • Fixed an issue where the redis socket in OpenShift deployments was world-writable

For older version of the release notes, as well as other reference materials, refer to the Ansible Tower Release Notes.