cl_img_install - Install a different Cumulus Linux version.

New in version 2.1.


Deprecated in 2.3. The image slot system no longer exists in Cumulus Linux.



parameter required default choices comments
The full path to the Cumulus Linux binary image. Can be a local path, http or https URL. If the code version is in the name of the file, the module will assume this is the version of code you wish to install.
no no
  • yes
  • no
Switch slots after installing the image. To run the installed code, reboot the switch.
no None
Inform the module of the exact version one is installing. This overrides the automatic check of version in the file name. For example, if the binary file name is called CumulusLinux-2.2.3.bin, and version is set to '2.5.0', then the module will assume it is installing '2.5.0' not '2.2.3'. If version is not included, then the module will assume '2.2.3' is the version to install.


## Download and install the image from a webserver.
- name: Install image using using http url. Switch slots so the subsequent will load the new version
    version: 2.0.1
    switch_slot: yes

## Copy the software from the ansible server to the switch.
## The module will get the code version from the filename
## The code will be installed in the alternate slot but the slot will not be primary
## A subsequent reload will not run the new code

- name: Download cumulus linux to local system
    src: ftp://cumuluslinux.bin
    dest: /root/CumulusLinux-2.0.1.bin

- name: Install image from local filesystem. Get version from the filename.
    src: /root/CumulusLinux-2.0.1.bin

## If the image name has been changed from the original name, use the `version` option
## to inform the module exactly what code version is been installed

- name: Download cumulus linux to local system
    src: ftp://CumulusLinux-2.0.1.bin
    dest: /root/image.bin

- name: install image and switch slots. Only reboot needed
    version: 2.0.1
    src: /root/image.bin
    switch_slot: yes

Return Values

Common return values are documented here Return Values, the following are the fields unique to this module:

name description returned type sample
whether the interface was changed
changed bool True
human-readable report of success or failure
always string interface bond0 config updated

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