Ansible Ecosystem

Projects in the Ansible ecosystem let you expand automation to a virtually unlimited set of use cases.

Ansible collections

Ansible collections offer distributions of playbooks, roles, modules, and plugins.

Ansible Language Server

Ansible Language Server implements language server protocol (LSP) to highlight and check Ansible syntax.

Ansible Language Server documentation
Ansible AWX

AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible.

Ansible AWX documentation
AWX Operator

Ansible AWX Operator offers built-in intelligence and operational best practices for deploying on Kubernetes environments.

AWX Operator documentation
Ansible Builder

Ansible Builder lets you create Execution Environments, which are container images that act as Ansible control nodes.

Ansible Builder documentation
Ansible Compat

Compat is a Python package that assists with compatibility between different Ansible releases, starting at version 2.9.

Ansible Compat documentation
Ansible Core

Ansible Core is the language and runtime that powers automation.

Ansible Core documentation
Event-Driven Ansible Server

Event-Driven Ansible Server offers scalable and flexible automation that can subscribe to a wide variety of event sources.

Event-Driven Ansible Server documentation
Edge Automation

Edge provides tooling and collections to run automation jobs on device endpoints at the very edge of your infrastructure.

Galaxy NG

Galaxy NG jumpstarts automation projects with Ansible community content.

Galaxy NG documentation
Ansible Lint

Lint improves code quality through proven best practices, patterns, and behaviors so that your Ansible content results in reliable and consistent automation.

Ansible Lint documentation

Molecule helps you develop and test Ansible roles.

Molecule documentation
Ansible Navigator

Ansible Navigator is a command-line tool for creating, reviewing, and troubleshooting Ansible content.

Ansible Navigator documentation
Ansible Pylibssh

Ansible Pylibssh provides Python bindings for Ansible with the libssh project.

Ansible Pylibssh documentation

Receptor is an overlay network that distributes workloads across a large and dispersed collection of nodes.

Receptor documentation
Ansible Rulebook

Ansible Rulebook is a command-line tool that listens to events so your automation can react when software or system states change.

Ansible Rulebook documentation
Ansible Runner

Ansible Runner provides a stable and consistent interface abstraction to Ansible.

Ansible Runner documentation
Ansible SDK

Ansible SDK is a toolkit that lets you harness the power and simplicity of Ansible automation directly from your applications.

Ansible SDK documentation
Ansible Sign

Ansible Sign is a utility for signing and verifying Ansible content.

Ansible Sign documentation
Ansible Test

Ansible Test is a command-line tool for performing sanity, unit, and integration testing with Ansible Core and collections.

Ansible Test documentation
Ansible VS Code Extension

The VS Code extention adds Ansible language support to Visual Studio Code and OpenVSX compatible editors.

Ansible VS Code Extension documentation