import_playbook – Import a playbook

New in version 2.4.


  • Includes a file with a list of plays to be executed.

  • Files with a list of plays can only be included at the top level.

  • You cannot use this action inside a play.


Parameter Choices/Defaults Comments
The name of the imported playbook is specified directly without any other option.



  • This is a core feature of Ansible, rather than a module, and cannot be overridden like a module.

See Also

See also

import_role – Import a role into a play

The official documentation on the import_role module.

import_tasks – Import a task list

The official documentation on the import_tasks module.

include_role – Load and execute a role

The official documentation on the include_role module.

include_tasks – Dynamically include a task list

The official documentation on the include_tasks module.

Including and Importing

More information related to including and importing playbooks, roles and tasks.


- hosts: localhost
    - debug:
        msg: play1

- name: Include a play after another play
  import_playbook: otherplays.yaml

- name: This DOES NOT WORK
  hosts: all
    - debug:
        msg: task1

    - name: This fails because I'm inside a play already
      import_playbook: stuff.yaml


Red Hat Support

More information about Red Hat’s support of this module is available from this Red Hat Knowledge Base article.


  • Ansible Core Team (@ansible)


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