Collection version 1.3.3

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the infinidat.infinibox collection


  • infini_cluster – Create, Delete and Modify Host Cluster on Infinibox

  • infini_export – Create, Delete or Modify NFS Exports on Infinibox

  • infini_export_client – Create, Delete or Modify NFS Client(s) for existing exports on Infinibox

  • infini_fs – Create, Delete or Modify filesystems on Infinibox

  • infini_host – Create, Delete and Modify Hosts on Infinibox

  • infini_map – Create and Delete mapping of a volume to a host or cluster on Infinibox

  • infini_pool – Create, Delete and Modify Pools on Infinibox

  • infini_port – Add and Delete fiber channel and iSCSI ports to a host on Infinibox

  • infini_user – Create, Delete and Modify a User on Infinibox

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