Collection version 2.2.2

Scenario Guide

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the kubernetes.core collection

Connection Plugins

  • kubectl – Execute tasks in pods running on Kubernetes.

Inventory Plugins

  • k8s – Kubernetes (K8s) inventory source

Lookup Plugins

  • k8s – Query the K8s API

  • kustomize – Build a set of kubernetes resources using a ‘kustomization.yaml’ file.


  • helm – Manages Kubernetes packages with the Helm package manager

  • helm_info – Get information from Helm package deployed inside the cluster

  • helm_plugin – Manage Helm plugins

  • helm_plugin_info – Gather information about Helm plugins

  • helm_repository – Manage Helm repositories.

  • helm_template – Render chart templates

  • k8s – Manage Kubernetes (K8s) objects

  • k8s_cluster_info – Describe Kubernetes (K8s) cluster, APIs available and their respective versions

  • k8s_cp – Copy files and directories to and from pod.

  • k8s_drain – Drain, Cordon, or Uncordon node in k8s cluster

  • k8s_exec – Execute command in Pod

  • k8s_info – Describe Kubernetes (K8s) objects

  • k8s_json_patch – Apply JSON patch operations to existing objects

  • k8s_log – Fetch logs from Kubernetes resources

  • k8s_rollback – Rollback Kubernetes (K8S) Deployments and DaemonSets

  • k8s_scale – Set a new size for a Deployment, ReplicaSet, Replication Controller, or Job.

  • k8s_service – Manage Services on Kubernetes

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