Guidelines for VMware REST module development

The Ansible VMware REST collection (on Galaxy, source code repository) is maintained by Red Hat and the community.

Contribution process

The modules of the vmware_rest collection are autogenerated by another tool called vmware_rest_code_generator <>.

If you would like to contribute a change, we would appreciate if you:

  • submit a GitHub Pull Request (PR) against the vmware_rest_code_generator project

  • but also ensure the generated modules are compliant with our quality criteria.


You will need:

  • Python 3.6 or greater

  • the tox <> command


Your contribution should follow the coding style of Black <>. To run the code formatter, just run:

tox -e black

To regenerate the vmware_rest collection, you can use the following commands:

tox -e refresh_modules -- --target-dir ~/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/vmware/vmware_rest

If you also want to update the EXAMPLE section of the modules, run:

tox -e refresh_examples -- --target-dir ~/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/vmware/vmware_rest

Testing with ansible-test

All the modules are covered by a functional test. The tests are located in the tests/integration/targets/.

To run the tests, you will need a vcenter instance and an ESXi.

black code formatter

We follow the coding style of Black <>. You can run the code formatter with the following command.

tox -e black

sanity tests

Here we use Python 3.8, the minimal version is 3.6.

tox -e black
ansible-test sanity --debug --requirements --local --skip-test future-import-boilerplate --skip-test metaclass-boilerplate --python 3.8 -vvv

integration tests

These tests should be run against your test environment.

..warning:: The test suite will delete all the existing DC from your test environment.

First, prepare a configuration file, we call it /tmp/inventory-vmware_rest in this example:

localhost ansible_connection=local ansible_python_interpreter=python

vcenter_username=[email protected]

To run the tests, use the following command. You may want to adjust the Python version.

ansible-test network-integration --diff --no-temp-workdir --python 3.8 --inventory /tmp/inventory-vmware_rest zuul/