Collection maintainer guidelines

Thank you for being a community collection maintainer. This guide offers an overview of your responsibilities as a maintainer along with resources for additional information. The Ansible community hopes that you will find that maintaining a collection is as rewarding for you as having the collection content is for the wider community.

In addition to the information below, module maintainers should be familiar with:

Maintainer responsibilities

When you contribute a module to a collection included in the ansible package, you become a maintainer for that module once it has been merged. Maintainership empowers you with the authority to accept, reject, or request revisions to pull requests on your module – but as they say, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Maintainers of Ansible collections are expected to provide feedback, responses, or actions on pull requests or issues to the collection(s) they maintain in a reasonably timely manner. You can also update the contributor guidelines for that collection, in collaboration with the Ansible community team and the other maintainers of that collection.


Please see Communicating for ways to contact the broader Ansible community. For maintainers, following the ansible-devel mailing list is a great way to participate in conversations about coding, get assistance when you need it, and influence the overall direction, quality, and goals of Ansible and the collections. If you are not on this relatively low-volume list, please join us here:!forum/ansible-devel

Pull requests, issues, and workflow

Each collection community can set its own rules and workflow for managing pull requests, bug reports, documentation issues, and feature requests, as well as adding and replacing maintainers.