2. Release Notes

The following list summarizes the additions, changes, and modifications which were made to Ansible Tower 3.5.2.

2.1. Ansible Tower Version 3.5.2

  • Fixed license application on Ubuntu
  • Fixed schedules to properly appear when toggled off
  • Fixed setting of system auditor for LDAP users
  • Fixed settings menu so it could be properly viewed by system auditors
  • Fixed SSH signed certificate support
  • Fixed assorted issues with Azure inventory import
  • Fixed passing of Google Cloud credentials for module usage
  • Fixed Hashicorp Vault credential plugin to handle keys in subfolders
  • Fixed previous and next page buttons in the Job Output screen
  • Fixed the base_packages.txt in the bundled installer
  • Fixed cleanup of runner temporary directories
  • Fixed credential plugins when used with ad-hoc commands
  • Fixed duplication of instance groups when users are members of multiple organizations
  • Fixed system auditors to no longer be able to create credentials for organizations
  • Updated Django for CVE-2019-14234
  • Updated requests-credssp to version 1.0.2
  • Updated translations

For older version of the release notes, as well as other reference materials, refer to the Ansible Tower Release Notes.