Httpapi Plugins

Httpapi plugins tell Ansible how to interact with a remote device’s HTTP-based API and execute tasks on the device.

Each plugin represents a particular dialect of API. Some are platform-specific (Arista eAPI, Cisco NXAPI), while others might be usable on a variety of platforms (RESTCONF).

Adding httpapi plugins

You can extend Ansible to support other APIs by dropping a custom plugin into the httpapi_plugins directory.

Using httpapi plugins

The httpapi plugin to use is determined automatically from the ansible_network_os variable.

Most httpapi plugins can operate without configuration. Additional options may be defined by each plugin.

Plugins are self-documenting. Each plugin should document its configuration options.

Plugin List

You can use ansible-doc -t httpapi -l to see the list of available plugins. Use ansible-doc -t httpapi <plugin name> to see detailed documentation and examples.

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