Running integration tests

In the following examples, we will use Docker to run integration tests locally. Ensure you Prepare your environment first.

We assume that you are in the ~/ansible_collections/NAMESPACE/COLLECTION directory.

After you change the tests, you can run them with the following command:

ansible-test integration <target_name> --docker <distro>

The target_name is a test role directory containing the tests. For example, if the test files you changed are stored in the tests/integration/targets/postgresql_info/ directory and you want to use the fedora34 container image, then the command will be:

ansible-test integration postgresql_info --docker fedora34

You can use the -vv or -vvv argument if you need more detailed output.

In the examples above, the fedora34 test image will be automatically downloaded and used to create and run a test container.

See the list of supported container images.

In some cases, for example, for platform-independent tests, the default test image is required. Use the --docker default or just --docker option without specifying a distribution in this case.


If you have any difficulties with writing or running integration tests or you are not sure if the case can be covered, submit your pull request without the tests. Other contributors can help you with them later if needed.