Ansible-core 2.11

Release Schedule


PRs must be raised well in advance of the dates below to have a chance of being included in this ansible-core release.


There is no Alpha phase in 2.11.


Dates subject to change.

  • 2021-02-12 Feature Freeze No new functionality (including modules/plugins) to any code

  • 2021-03-02 Beta 1

  • 2021-03-15 Beta 2 (if necessary)

  • 2021-03-29 Release Candidate 1 (and stable-2.11 branching from devel)

  • 2021-04-12 Release Candidate 2 (if necessary)

  • 2021-04-26 Release

Release Manager

Ansible Core Team

Planned work

  • Rename ansible-base to ansible-core.

  • Improve UX of ansible-galaxy collection CLI, specifically as it relates to install and upgrade.

  • Add new Role Argument Spec feature that will allow a role to define an argument spec to be used in validating variables used by the role.

  • Bump the minimum Python version requirement for the controller to Python 3.8. There will be no breaking changes to this release, however ansible-core will only be packaged for Python 3.8+. ansible-core==2.12 will include breaking changes requiring at least Python 3.8.

  • Introduce split-controller testing in ansible-test to separate dependencies for the controller from dependencies on the target.