Collection version 1.1.0

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the dellemc.enterprise_sonic collection

Cliconf Plugins

  • sonic – Use sonic cliconf to run command on Dell OS10 platform

Httpapi Plugins

  • sonic – HttpApi Plugin for devices supporting Restconf SONIC API


  • sonic_aaa – Manage AAA and its parameters

  • sonic_api – Manages REST operations on devices running Enterprise SONiC

  • sonic_bgp – Manage global BGP and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_af – Manage global BGP address-family and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_as_paths – Manage BGP autonomous system path (or as-path-list) and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_communities – Manage BGP community and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_ext_communities – Manage BGP extended community-list and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_neighbors – Manage a BGP neighbor and its parameters

  • sonic_bgp_neighbors_af – Manage the BGP neighbor address-family and its parameters

  • sonic_command – Runs commands on devices running Enterprise SONiC

  • sonic_config – Manages configuration sections on devices running Enterprise SONiC

  • sonic_facts – Collects facts on devices running Enterprise SONiC

  • sonic_interfaces – Configure Interface attributes on interfaces such as, Eth, LAG, VLAN, and loopback. (create a loopback interface if it does not exist.)

  • sonic_l2_interfaces – Configure interface-to-VLAN association that is based on access or trunk mode

  • sonic_l3_interfaces – Configure the IPv4 and IPv6 parameters on Interfaces such as, Eth, LAG, VLAN, and loopback

  • sonic_lag_interfaces – Manage link aggregation group (LAG) interface parameters

  • sonic_mclag – Manage multi chassis link aggregation groups domain (MCLAG) and its parameters

  • sonic_port_breakout – Configure port breakout settings on physical interfaces

  • sonic_radius_server – Manage RADIUS server and its parameters

  • sonic_system – Configure system parameters

  • sonic_tacacs_server – Manage TACACS server and its parameters

  • sonic_users – Manage users and its parameters

  • sonic_vlans – Manage VLAN and its parameters

  • sonic_vrfs – Manage VRFs and associate VRFs to interfaces such as, Eth, LAG, VLAN, and loopback

  • sonic_vxlans – Manage VxLAN EVPN and its parameters

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