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Callback Plugins

Inventory Plugins

Lookup Plugins

  • aws_account_attribute – Look up AWS account attributes.

  • aws_secret – Look up secrets stored in AWS Secrets Manager.

  • aws_service_ip_ranges – Look up the IP ranges for services provided in AWS such as EC2 and S3.

  • aws_ssm – Get the value for a SSM parameter or all parameters under a path.


  • aws_az_info – Gather information about availability zones in AWS.

  • aws_caller_info – Get information about the user and account being used to make AWS calls.

  • aws_s3 – manage objects in S3.

  • cloudformation – Create or delete an AWS CloudFormation stack

  • cloudformation_info – Obtain information about an AWS CloudFormation stack

  • ec2 – create, terminate, start or stop an instance in ec2

  • ec2_ami – Create or destroy an image (AMI) in ec2

  • ec2_ami_info – Gather information about ec2 AMIs

  • ec2_elb_lb – Creates, updates or destroys an Amazon ELB.

  • ec2_eni – Create and optionally attach an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) to an instance

  • ec2_eni_info – Gather information about ec2 ENI interfaces in AWS

  • ec2_group – maintain an ec2 VPC security group.

  • ec2_group_info – Gather information about ec2 security groups in AWS.

  • ec2_key – create or delete an ec2 key pair

  • ec2_metadata_facts – gathers facts (instance metadata) about remote hosts within EC2

  • ec2_snapshot – Creates a snapshot from an existing volume

  • ec2_snapshot_info – Gather information about ec2 volume snapshots in AWS

  • ec2_tag – create and remove tags on ec2 resources

  • ec2_tag_info – list tags on ec2 resources

  • ec2_vol – Create and attach a volume, return volume id and device map

  • ec2_vol_info – Gather information about ec2 volumes in AWS

  • ec2_vpc_dhcp_option – Manages DHCP Options, and can ensure the DHCP options for the given VPC match what’s requested

  • ec2_vpc_dhcp_option_info – Gather information about dhcp options sets in AWS

  • ec2_vpc_net – Configure AWS virtual private clouds

  • ec2_vpc_net_info – Gather information about ec2 VPCs in AWS

  • ec2_vpc_subnet – Manage subnets in AWS virtual private clouds

  • ec2_vpc_subnet_info – Gather information about ec2 VPC subnets in AWS

  • s3_bucket – Manage S3 buckets in AWS, DigitalOcean, Ceph, Walrus, FakeS3 and StorageGRID

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